In IntelliJ Editor, If there is any unused code such as imports, methods classes, or variables, It shows greyed code that code is not used anywhere. Developers manually remove it in a single file.

If you want to remove multiple files in a larger project, it is a very tedious task to check each file and remove unused code manually.

IntelliJ provides the following things

  • Inspect Code
  • Code Cleanup
  • Analyze Code

IntelliJ unused classes or code

  • Go to Code Menu
  • Select Analyze Code
  • Run Inspection by Name or Use Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I on Windows or Use Command + Option + Shift + I
  • type Unused Declaration
  • It shows Popup
  • Select Inspect options
  • Check or Uncheck classes, Inner classes, Fields, Methods, and Local Variables

Another way to use

Find Actions -> Ctrl + Shift + A Type Unused Declaration and select On to enable it