This tutorial explains about Spell Check feature in IntelliJ IDEA.

spell check is a feature to fix typo errors in code, comments, and string literals in an Editor.

Whenever a typo error occurs, The word is highlighted and wrapped with a colored line

It Reports typos and misspellings in your code, comments, and literal and fixes them with one click.

Disable or enable Spell check typo in IntelliJ IDEA

Here is a way to configure the user settings window.

  • Go to File Menu

  • Select Settings, Open the Settings popup window

  • Select Editor -> Inspections ->Proofreading

  • Select Typo, Check or uncheck the below options

    • Process Code
    • Process Literals
    • Process Comments
  • You can also uncheck entirely Proofreading to disable spelling and typo check

Another option is using @SuppressWarnings annotations.

Add the below annotation in class method or field declaration.


another way, using the Find Action search

  • Open Find Action using Ctrl + Shift + A

  • type one of the following

    • Spelling
    • Grammar and styles
    • Proofreading: Grammar
  • Check or uncheck required options