Eclipse is a popular open-source IDE(Integrated Development Environment) for source code programming editors.

It contains plugins and a runtime system. It supports Windows, Linux, and macOS. By default, support popular languages - JavaScript, NodeJS, typescript, and Nodejs.

Eclipse is a General IDE, which can convert to a programming editor.

For example, It converts to Java IDE by adding a JDK environment.

Eclipse features

  • Debugging
  • Included GitHub support
  • Syntax highlight
  • Extend plugin support
  • Inbuilt Debug Support
  • Git and SVN Plugin
  • SSH integration
  • Terminal
  • Code Snippets
  • Code refactoring
  • Syntax colors
  • Inbuilt Server integration
  • Code comparison
  • Adding support for build and deployment pipelines

What are the advantages of Eclipse?

  • Eclipse is a free and open-source forever and mature product.
  • It provides Rich user interfaces and is easy to navigate to work on it
  • Eclipse is an IDE that improves developer time to deliver the code fast.
  • It is extendable and customizable with extra features using plugins from a marketplace
  • Uses to develop an application using popular programming languages
  • Refactoring the code is easy, thus reducing time and effort
  • Syntax check and validation of code with a language compiler
  • Code suggestions and auto-complete without remembering the method and class names

What is Eclipse used for?

Eclipse is used for developing web, mobile, and Rich desktop applications using many programming languages. It was developed for Java programming, Later, they supported PHP, python, and golang.

Eclipse is mainly used as an editor and IDE for programming languages. By adding JDK, It can be used as Java IDE. Also, you can work with other programming languages by adding language runtime and plugins.

Eclipse use case applications

  • Eclipse also provides an RCP framework for building Rich Client Platform-based applications. Example applications based on RCP are Dbeaver, SQL Client, and Udig gis Software.
  • Server Platform It provides services to build application servers such as GlassFish
  • Web Tools Platform
  • Modeling Platform