Editors usually provide Auto-Save on a file.VSCode Auto Save option to save the changes.

Auto Save feature works like saves the changes automatically once the editor lost focus or a file or editor is closed.

This is an important tip for the developer must know working with Atom Editor.

How to autosave code in Visual Studio Code editor?

There are multiple ways, we can do this by configuring settings

First, Using settings

  • In the left bar, click on the manage icon > Settings
  • type “auto save” in the search bar VSCode settings auto save

It contains the below options Files: Auto Save: afterDelay - save the unsaved changes automatically with the delay parameter Files: Auto Save Delay: 1000 - save the changes after 1000 milliseconds.

The second way, use the autosave option in File Menu

Following are steps to enable the Auto Save

  • File >Auto Save

  • It is checked and enabled automatically.

  • These changes are saved and applied to the editor permanently. W Third ways, project-specific settings

  • Create a .vscode folder under a project

  • Create a file settings.json

  • update the setttings.json file with the below configuration


      "files.autoSave": "afterDelay",
      "files.autoSaveDelay": 1000,

  • Restart VSCode to make changes.