Visual Studio code provides to split editors into horizontal and vertically

VsCode editor split vertically

  • Start Visual Studio code
  • Open a Command palette using Ctrl + Shift +p
  • Type “Split” and select Split editor
  • It splits the editor vertically into two editors side by side

Another way,

  • Go to View Menu > Editor Layout
  • It shows multiple options as shown
  • Split Up
  • Split Down
  • Split Left
  • Split Right
  • Grid
  • Flip Layout
  • Single
  • Two Columns
  • Two Rows
  • Three-Columns
  • Three Rows

Another way, using settings in the workspace

  • Open .vscode/settings.json
  • update the below json entries To split the editor’s new group
workbench.editor.openSideBySideDirection: right
workbench.editor.openSideBySideDirection: down

To split the editor in the group

workbench.editor.splitInGroupLayout: horizontal workbench.editor.splitInGroupLayout: Vertical