Vit Editor has three modes

  • default: the opened editor is by default, and does not allow to add text
  • insert
  • visual

VIM Shortcuts cheatsheet examples

The following list of Vim shortcuts and cheat sheet examples

Cursor Shortcut
hgo to left
jgo to down
hgo to up
lgo to right
Search pattern examples
/searchpatternSearch given pattern forward
?searchpatternSearch given pattern backward
nnext match of search result
Nprevious match of search result
*Select the Next word for matched pattern
#Select the Previous word for the matched pattern
Quit Editor Command examples
:wSaves the file, Does not exist
:wqSaves the file, exit the file
:qexit opened file, Does not quit if any changes
:q!exit opened the file and discard changes made

| String case Conversion example commands| |Shift + j| Converted multiple selected lines into a single line| |Shift + u| Convert string lower case to upper case| |Shift + ~| Convert string into lowercase|