Vit Editor has three modes

  • default: the opened editor is by default, and does not allow to add text
  • insert
  • visual

VIM Shortcuts cheatsheet examples

The following list of vim short cuts and cheat sheet examples

Command Description
Cursor Shortcut
h go to left
j go to down
h go to up
l go to right
Search pattern examples
/searchpattern Search given pattern forward
?searchpattern Search given pattern backward
n next match of search result
N previous match of search result
* Select Next word for matched pattern
# Select the Previous word for matched pattern
Quit Editor Command examples
:w Saves the file, Does not exist
:wq Saves the file, exit the file
:q exit opened file, Does not quit, if any changes
:q! exit opened the file and discard changes made

| String case Conversion example commands| |Shift + j| Converted multiple selected lines into a single line| |Shift + u| Convert string lower case to upper case| |Shift + ~| Convert string into lowercase|