What is Jenkins?

Jenkins is an open source Continuous Integration(CI) and Continuous Delivery(CD) Build tool for software applications.

It is used by developers with all size companies.

It is a platform for creating pipelines. Pipelines that contain sequence of steps to execute desired work.

This tool developed on java version, hence java installation required.

Is Jenkins a CI or CD?

Jenkins is a tool used for both CI and CD

Why Jenkins used?

Jenkins is used in application or software development by developers. It helps automatize the process of below tasks for

  • Integration module process
  • Development test process that includes unit and integration test
  • End to end Automation test
  • Building applications
  • Testing
  • Deployment of apps to different environment such as Dev, QA, Stage and Production

Jenkin Features

  • It triggers a build for every code commit.
  • Easy to integrate with Different source git repositories such as GitLab, GitHub and Bitbucket etc.
  • Automates Build and test phase
  • Send notifications about integration status, failure
  • Support Java, Python and Javascript build tools etc.
  • Deployed artifacts


  • Jenkins Pipeline