Jenkins allows you to configure email address for job and build start to send emails

Jenkins send emails about each job build status on every build execution.

How to configure the Sender’s address in Jenkins?

Email address configured in two ways

Global Level for Sender Email Job level for Recipients Email

  • Go to Manage Jenkins -> Select System
  • url changed to http://localhost:8080/manage/configure
  • On Jenkins Location Section
  • Enter email in System Admin e-mail address textbox as given below

Jenkins sender email system configuration

  • Click on Save button to save it.

How to Set Email Recipient address at job local

To configure email address per local job on Jenkins UI

  • Select the job you want to configure
  • You will be on Job page and url is
  • Select and Click on Configure option
  • On Email-Notifications section
  • Enter email address on Recipients Text box. Multiple addresses configured by separating comma.