This tutorial explains naming convention styles and rules for yaml content.

YAML file content key and values as given below

employeeId: "1"
employeeName: 'aabc'

How do you name the yaml key?

Does an official naming convention style exist for yaml content?

There are no official naming convention styles for yaml content.

You can use the standard naming convention styles from the underlying programming language.

For example, Python language uses a snake case.

Java and C# use kebab style naming.

Following are naming conventions used by different programming languages and tools.

|Language | Convention| Example |:——–| ————— | |Python| snake_case|employee_id,employee_name| |Java |kebab-case |employee-id,employee-name| |C# |kebab-case|employee-id,employee-name| |Kubernetes| camelCase|employeeId,employeeName| |CircleCi|snake_case|employee_id,employee_name| |Jenkins |kebab-case |employee-id,employee-name| |Azure |kebab-case |employee-id,employee-name| |Spring |camelCase|employeeId,employeeName|

Since there are no official standard naming conventions for naming keys in the yaml file.

You can follow your approach or use conventions used by programming languages.