Editors are useful for creating and editing files, as well as providing the following features for XML files.

  • XML File validation errors
  • Auto indentation is a feature that allows you to indent your text
  • XML Namespace and structure
  • Syntax Color highlight
  • Lint

XML editor and IDE

Some popular editors support XML configurations with plugins

  • IntelliJ IDE: It has support for XML by default. You can configure XML syntax color and linting.

  • VIM Editor: ftpplugin plugin for modifying and editing open XML files. It provides automatic closing tags, folding, and start and end tags.

eclipse : Eclipse XML Editors and Tools plugin to have a support for xml in eclipse.

  • Atom editor: It has XML tools package and utilities for XML files format and edit files.

  • Sublime text editor: It has Indent XML that provides format XML and json and edit files.

  • Notepad: you can still edit and create a file with Notepad but you will not get color, auto-indentation, and validation errors with the format

  • Notepad++: It has native support for XML format and opening files. You just need to enable configuration.

Online Editor

There is many online editors on the web to validate and edit the XML files