This tutorial explains about multiple things

URLs are resources requested from the intranet and internet in a browser.

URL is a resource to a page in a server located on the internet.

An example URL is URL hits request to the different components of a Webserver hosted on the Machine. Machines depend on Operating Systems.

URL contains protocol https, www, domain name such as ebay and path of a web page (showproduct), and query parameters such as (id=123&category=electronics)

What is the length of a URL in a Chrome Browser?

Chrome browser has no limit on the length of a URL string. However, there are some restrictions on Web servers and OS. Longer URLS causes issues with server parsing and gives an incorrect result.

Chrome browser has no limit on the URL requested. URL length is 2000 characters and supported by All operation Systems and Proxie web server.

Major latest browsers support URLs of any length but limited length is good to serve correct pages.