Firefox is a free and popular open-source browser for accessing resources on the internet.

This tutorial explains downloading and installing Firefox in a different environment.

Download and install on Windows Machine

  • First, Go to here on the browser and Click the ‘Download Firefox’ button.
  • It downloads Firefox Installer.exe executable file to a local folder.
  • Clicks on the executable file, It opens the Firefox Installer window
  • Click on the Next button
  • It installs and you can open any page on a firefox browser

Download and install on Redhat Linux

Open a command or terminal in a Redhat Linux machine.

if you are installing for the first time, Type the below command

 sudo dnf install firefox

If Firefox is already installed and wants to upgrade to the latest Firefox browser, Then run the below command.

sudo dnf remove firefox

Next, Open and run Firefox in the background using the below command.

firefox &

Firefox browser is opened, and you can access the internet and pages.

Install Firefox on Ubuntu or Debian

If firefox is already installed, you can run the following command to uninstall the old version.

sudo apt remove firefox

Run the sudo apt update command to update all dependencies to the latest versions.

Next, run below command to install the latest firefox browser.

sudo apt install firefox