This tutorial shows you how to disable same-origin policy in Google Chrome

The same origin policy is a preventing malicious scripts to access the data on different web page

Disabling this policy only has some serious issues even in development. It is not advisable to do it permanently

This is used when you are accessing a webpage that contains script files from iframe.

How to disable Same Origin Policy in Chrome browser.

There are multiple ways to open a Chrome browser in different OS.

The below properties need to pass to Chrome in the command line.

  • --allow-file-access-from-files: Files such as JSON can be accessed using AJAX in development for testing the web pages.
  • --user-data-dir=path:
    this stores the webpage resources in the directory or path given. Please make sure that this directory has permission to read and write from Chrome.
  • --disable-web-security:

It disables web security to access resources one page to another page resource such as iframes

  • --disable-site-isolation-trials: Open Chrome in Sandbox

You can use one or many options based on Chrome version and OS specific.

For Window users

Open the Command line or Windows + R and type Run Run the below command

chrome.exe  --disable-site-isolation-trials --disable-web-security

Some versions only work with --disable-web-security arg, Latest versions support adding disable-site-isolation-trials.

It opens the chrome browser with a disable security policy.

For Linux, Ubuntu users, Open terminal Run the below command to open Chrome with disable policy

google-chrome --disable-site-isolation-trials --user-data-dir=/tmp --disable-web-security

For mac users Open terminal Run the below command to open Chrome with disable policy

open -a "Google Chrome"  --disable-site-isolation-trials --args --disable-web-security --user-data-dir