This tutorial shows multiple ways to install the Redis server on Windows.

  • Using Docker
  • Using Windows Subsystem for Linux
  • Window Installer or Zip

How to install Redis server on Windows.

Following are the steps required to install Redis as a window Service

  • First, Download Redis for windows.
  • It downloads to the Redis-x64- file
  • Click on to install on windows.
  • Click next to proceed next steps.
  • In The Destination Folder, Give the path A:\Java\Redis\.
  • Next Screen, It asks for the Port to run Redis on box to 6379.
  • Give all default values and click the Next button
  • It installs as a window Services
  • Start the Redis server by Window + Run and type “Services.msc”.
  • It opens Services Window, selects Redis Services, and Right-click to start, restart and stop the server.

Install Redis using docker in Windows?

Check whether Redis is installed or not in windows

First, Open Command Line

change directory to the path A:\Java\Redis\ in terminal

cd A:\Java\Redis\

Run the below command to check the Redis version It gives an installed redis server version

A:\Java\Redis>redis-server -v
Redis server v= sha=ec77f72d:0 malloc=jemalloc-5.2.1-redis bits=64 build=5627b8177c9289c

next, type redis-cli on the command prompt to check cli is working or not


try running the ping command to print the hello world message> ping "Hello World"
"Hello World"