In Real-time, the Redis server is hosted in a remote cloud or external.

You can connect using a remote url in client libraries or from the terminal.

Let’s see how to connect to the remote redis server using the terminal.

How to connect to remote redis server?

redis-cli provides an option to connect to a remote redis server.


redis-cli [options]

Redis-cli has the following options

-h - hostname, default is -p: server port, the default port is 6379 -a: server password -u: Server url in the format - redis://username:password@hostname:port

For example, if a Redis server is hosted in the Amazon cloud, you can give

redis-cli -h -p 6379

if the instance is secured with a password, you can give the -a option

redis-cli -h -p 6379  -a password

Similarly, You can also connect using single url

url is a combination of string Redis, username, password, hostname, and port.

redis-cli -u redis://username:password@host:port