In this short tutorial, We will look into How to install and uninstall Ocaml on Ubuntu

OCaml installation contains a Code compiler and environment for code running.

OCaml provides distribution as packages in Ubuntu machines

The following prerequisites required

  • Ubuntu machine
  • Need root access
  • apt or apt-get installer required to install packages

How to install Ocaml in Ubuntu

To install OCaml on Ubuntu machine, please follow the below steps

  • First, Update existing packages to the latest
apt-get update
  • install using the below command
apt-get install ocaml -y
  • It Installs to OCaml to /usr/bin location
  • Check whether OCaml is installed or not using the below command
ocamlc -v

It prints the version installed 4.14

Now, Ocaml is installed on your Ubuntu machine. You are ready to code programs in Objective Caml ocamlc is a Objective caml compiler.

Uninstall OCaml on ubuntu machine

To uninstall OCaml in Ubuntu, please follow the below steps.

  • Run the below command to know the installed package name
apt-get remove ocaml -y
apt autoremove -y