In this short tutorial, We will look into How to install Ocaml on Mac OS.

OCaml installation contains Code compiler OCaml code and environment for code running.

The following prerequisites required

  • macOS machine
  • Need root access
  • HomeBrew installation
  • opam, OCaml package manager.

How to install Ocaml compiler in MacOS

To install OCaml on a MacOS machine, please follow the below steps

  • First, Check homebrew is installed on your Mac homebrew is a package manager for macOS
  • Ocaml needs the opam tool, Opam is a package manager for OCaml.
  • To install opam in HomeBrew terminal
brew install opam

opam manages ocaml installation.

  • Next, Run the below commands
opam init
eval `opam config env`
opam switch 4.06.1

opam init command initializes and creates a folder ~/.opam

Next, Check whether OCaml is running or not using the below command


Another way, to check

brew install ocaml

This gives a message that says OCaml is already installed on your machine.

How to uninstall Ocaml compiler in MacOS

To uninstall OCaml, run the below command in the HomeBrew terminal

brew uninstall opam

Does OCaml work on Mac?

Ocaml works on Mac using opam. opam is a source package manager for OCaml. you can install using homebrew using the command brew install opam