Fontawesome is a popular icon library that provides icons in web fonts svn files for integration into different applications.

Fontawesome latest version

Fontawelsome latest version is 6.0.0.

It comes to a lot of new icons and changed existing icon names and latest changes summary

  • 7000 new icons were added and a total of 14000 icons exists.
  • Lot of icons were renamed and have support for old names using an alias.
  • It added think styles with already existing style types solid, Regular, Light, Duotone. -Support new animations types - flip, bounce, spin, and fade. fa-bounce, fa-shake animations are added
  • Added CSS custom properties such as font-family, color, the inverse color of an icon, and many.
  • You can create your own icon with the new version.
  • Updated latest icons to all dependent libraries such as React and VueJS

How to update fontawesome to the latest version

Below are ways to upgrade fontawesome to the latest in an application using npm, yarn, and bower.

To install the latest free fontawesome icons

npm i --save @fortawesome/fontawesome-free

For paid uses, Run the below commands

npm install --save @fortawesome/fontawesome-pro

Below command runs latest using bower package

bower install --save font-awesome#latest