Editors are useful to create and modify the files and It also supports for providing following features for hocon files

  • Synax validation and color
  • Auto indentation
  • format
  • Syntax highlight colors

There are two types of editors with opensource plugins for popular editors

hocon IDE editor

There are popular editors supports hocon configurations with plugins

  • Intelli IDE: It is an popular editor with extended functionality using plugins. intellij-hocon plugin provides to work with hocon config files.
  • VIM Editor: vim-hocon plugin provides open and create config files with play2 framework
  • eclipse : as there are not much plugins for eclipse, but one can use typesafe-config-eclipse plugin to open and edit files in eclipse
  • atom editor: It has support in built as a language with basic syntax highlighting using language-hocon package
  • Notepad: you can still edit and create a files with notepad but you will not get color, auto indentation and validation errors with format

Hocon is similar and derived from json, Most of the times, You can use popular json editors with hocon configu editor

Online editor

There is much online editor in web to validate and edit the hocon files