Ini File - Comments

This tutorial covers the Ini File Comments with examples| Inline comments, block level comments are not supported ..

INI Comments

Like any other file extensions, Comments are allowed,

InLine comments are allowed Block comments are not supported Comments format can be represented in two formats

One is using Semicolon symbol ; placed at begining of each line followed by comment text. Other way to use hash symbol # for key and value pair comments. hashing syntax only supports some of implementations and space after # symbol is recommended Important rules - Comments must prefix semicolon followed by space - Comments must be single line only and closed

Here is an syntax

; comments text

# key= value

Comments text are not processed or interpreted by programming languages

comments example

This will be included in package.json as follows

; this is begining of ini file
; empty lines are ignored
; Inline comments example
# keycomment=example