Julia language is a Free and opensource programming language, developed by MIT professors

This language developed with the below features in mind by the creators

  • Julia’s code Speed is the same as C, C++, and Fortran code
  • Similar to Ruby in Dynamic types
  • Works as same as Matlab in mathematical computations
  • Works as same as Python for general programming language
  • Similar to Statistics computing like R


To learn Julia programming, You need to have basic programming experience.

Julia language features

  • Free and open-source programming language
  • High-level, high-performance programming language for computation analysis
  • Procedure, functional, object-oriented, meta language
  • used for data science and research scientific oriented and web applications
  • High-performance JIT compiler
  • Parallel and cloud computing

Julia File Extension

Julia’s code is written in a file with the extension .jl.

What language is Julia written in?

Julia language compiler is written using C and C++ code and Julia compiler is a free software compiler later many contributed to the release of multiple versions.