what are comments in F# language? How do you write a comment in F#?

Comments are a string of code statements. Comments are for programmers and developers, not for a F# Compiler. These are ignored at runtime.

F# supports two types of comments

  • Single Line Comments
  • Multi-Line or Block Comments
  • Documentation Comments

How to write a comment in F# language?

To write a Single line comment, Please follow the below steps

Single-line comments contain a string in a single line, always starts with //

// single line comments example
printfn "Hello World"

To write a block comment, Please follow the below steps.

Block comments are multi-line comments that span multiple lines

comments start with (* followed by comment string in multiple lines, ends with *)

multi-line comments example
printfn "Hello World"

Documentation comments in F

Documentation comments are helpful for developers to understand Code API.

Documentation comments always start with /// followed by documentation tags

Here is an example

/// Employee type
type Employee =
    val name : string
    /// <summary></summary>
    /// <param name="name">Name. name of an employee.</param>
    new (name) = { name = name }

Above example, contains

  • documentation comments started with triple slashes
  • <summary> tag is a description of the line of code
  • <params> tag contains parameters for a constructor

It generates the following XML on running the documentation generator compiler.

<name name="M:Employee.#ctor(System.String)">
 Class constructor.
Name. name of an employee