Clojure is an open-source Functional programming language, based on LISP programming language.

With Clojure, you can develop Backend web and concurrent multi-thread applications applications.

Clojure syntax is similar to LISP and other functional programming features.

Clojure file extension:

Clojure syntax is coded in files with the extension .clj

Pros and advantages of Clojure

  • Functional programming with all functional style syntax
  • Runs on JVM and allows GC and portability

What is Clojure written in?

Clojure is a dialect of the Lisp programming language.

Is Clojure a compiled language?

Clojure code is compiled to Byte code and runs JVM machine.

Is Clojure a scripting language?

Clojure is not a scripting language, but a functional programming language

Is Clojure a JVM language?

It is a Dynamically typed programming language that can run on JVM. It offers a JVM thread process and allows Garbage Collection.

What is Clojure useful for?

Clojure is a dynamically typed programming language, useful for below types of web applications. It is useful for developing Rapid applications.

  • Web applications
  • Writing Server side to scrap web pages
  • Scripting
  • Any type of application which has backend and frontend apps