Comments are useful texts to describe about lines of code and improve readability of a code.

It is ignored by compiler and only for developers

Multiple ways we can write a comments in Clojure.

Clojure Comment Macro


(comment & body)

Here is an example

  ;; First program.
  ;; Hello World.

  (defn -main []
    "I can say 'Hello World'."
    (println "Hello, World!"))

Clojure Single line comments

It provides semicolon(;) macro that starts with a single line, followed by text. text is ignored by compiler.

Single line comments canbe new line or inline comments.

; Single line comments
(+ 12 1) 

Inline comments

(+ 12 1) ; inline comments

with this, You can add multiple ; to identify heading types.

; - used for inline or single line comments ;;- Documentation comments for functions that contains strings ;;;- Documentation comments for group of functions declared in a single file ;;;;- File level comments, higher level in a file

Multi line comments

Multi lines comments allows to add comments to multiple lines of code. Comments can be placed in multiple lines nested in () or []. Syntax