ES7 features

ES7 also called ES2017 alias EcmaScript2016 is the latest JavaScript language released in June 2016.

ES7 is not a major release, It has only two features included in the language.

Array Includesinclude is new method in array classArray.Includes() method
[Exponential Operator is an alternative to math.powExponentiation (**)
Exponential Assignment Operatorexponential operator is alternate to math.powExponentiation Assignment(**=)
Class PropertiesClass Properties

Are all browsers supported by the ES07 version?

Yes, All the latest following browsers are supported.

Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.

Does Chrome use ES7?

Chrome supports ES7 in version 52. It supports all features of exponentiation, the array includes features.

The latest Chrome version supports all features of ES7.

What is ES7 JavaScript?

ECMAScript 2016 is the latest feature added to the Latest javascript with new features. It contains only minor releases, implemented in V8 and typescript.