There are changes and new characters to Unicode Standard with versions

java11 supports Unicode version 10 of standard protocol.

Unicode 10 version supports 8318 characters, 4 scripts, and 56 emoji characters.

Some symbols include Bitcoin Symbol.

Java API and methods added support for Unicode 10 version .

As per JEP 327: Unicode 10

It supports the following classes in the java11 version

  • java.lang.Character
  • java.lang.String
  • java.text.Bidi
  • java.text.BreakIterator
  • java.text.Normalizer
  • java.awt.font.NumericShaper

Here is an example

package java11;

public class UnicodeTest {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // Bitcoin Sign unicode introduced in unicode 10 version
        String bitcoin="₿";
        // Bitcoin Sign unicode in unicode 10 version
        String bitcoinUnicode="\\U+20BF";