This tutorial explains how to install Git on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

How to install the git tool in Windows

Following are steps to install the git tool on Windows.

  • Go to here

  • Select the standard installer and select one from below

    • 32-bit Git for Windows Setup.
    • 64-bit Git for Windows Setup.
  • It downloads Git-2.39.2-64-bit.exe to a local folder

  • Next, Click on the executable file and follow the GUI steps to install it.

Git installation on MacOS

MacOS provides different ways to install

With the homebrew package manager, Run the below command

brew install git

with MacPorts, run the below command

sudo port install git

Git install on Linux

for yum users

yum install git

For apt-get users

apt-get install git

How to check Git tool is installed or not

To check the git installation, Open the terminal and run the below command

B:\>git version
git version