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Version Control is a tool to manage the code base history of applications and software. Git is one of the tools to manage the tracking of files and folders written in a language. Software is an executable code that is compiled from a group of files or folders written any programming language. Different developers add features, and bugs over some time. The code changes are released by giving the version number. Applications are tracked and maintained in a server called a repository.

All the changes to the repository are maintained locally, server, or at multiple locations of the repository.

Version control is also called Source control with revisions.

What is Git used for?

Git is a Version control open-source software, used to track the history of files and folders.

It is used by many applications and open-source projects to maintain the code base.

It helps developers to work on multiple features at the same time using branching and merging. It maintains the history at the local and remote repository

Git is a distributed version control.

What is the difference between Git and GitHub?

Git is a tool to manage the history of changes in a source code in a repository. GitHub is a cloud hosting service that is used to manage source code repositories. Both are different in features. GitHub is one of the open-source implementations for the git tool.

What language is used in Git?

Git tool used to manage the different types of projects developed in programming languages.

It supports all programming languages such as Java, javascript, PHP, Ruby Typescript, etc, and also supports all file extension formats.

What is the difference between Git and SVN?

Git is a Distributed Version Control System and has a Centralized, Localized repository. It maintains code tracking history locally and remotely. When you cloned the remote repository, It copied the entire history to the local repository. You can commit and view changes in the Local repo

Svn is a Centralized Version Control System that maintains code history on the server.

Git is better compared with SVN due to the remote repository is offline.

Is Git a programming language?

Git is not a programming language It is a tool to maintain the tracking history of files and folders written in multiple languages.

Which language is used in Git?

Git is written with code functions in C language, There are shell scripts wrapped around C code to shipped as git features.

What is Git’s full name?

Git is abbreviated as Global Information Tracker and was developed as a source in C Language.

Git Version Control Cloud Hosting

Following are cloud hosting services provided to manage git repositories

  • github
  • gitlab
  • bitbucker

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