Let’s see json interview questions and answers

What is MIME format type JSOn file content

MIME is abbreviated as Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, It is a format used to send in requests and responses, transferred between client and server across the internet. Content-Type and Accept headers in a request object are specified with this format following is the mime type for these documents


and request contains the below value for INI data sending over the internet

Content-type : application/json

How to open a json file.

JSON files are with keys and values with extensions. It includes plain text content with special rules.

All the popular IDE supports the json file extension and also provides plugins to validate the json file content.

  • Notepad++
  • Eclipse
  • Visual Studio Code

What is the JSON file used for?

The JSON file is used to transfer data between the Client and Server using HTTP APIs. It can also be used to store environment information for configuration.

The following are uses cases

  • API Communication with the producer returns the JSON object, Consumer consumes it
  • Serialization of data between different machines.

What is an extension of a JSON object file?

JSOn content is placed in a file with the extension .json.

JSON files can be created and updated with any text editor or IDE or simple notepad.

What is full-form JSON?

JavaScript Object Notation is a full form for JSON.

What is the difference between JSON and XML?

JSON is a simple javascript object notation with the key and value of data types XML is an Extensible markup language with data of no type

javascript object notationExtensible markup language
Complex data format based on schemaLightweight data format
Easy to read by humansIt is very difficult to read by humans
Data is represented as keys and values like objectsIt has start and end tags
Supports Array with a list of valuesNo support for arrays
Comments are not supportedAllows Comments
Limited Security supportSecurity is good
Encoding is UTF-8Supports all encodings UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, etc