Csv file extension

CSV is abbreviated as Comma Separated Values.

CSV is a format of comma-separated values that contains the data in table format. CSV file is a file extension, a data format for transferring data between software applications.

It contains a data format of comma-separated values.

CSV files data contains table data, and multiple rows, with each row containing multiple columns.

CSV files look like Excel files with or without headers. CSV and Excel files are not the same.

CSV files are useful and act as an intermediate step to migrate data between different systems of different formats. It is easy to import and export data into CSV files from Databases.


  • Comma Separated Values format
  • Are text files, that contain data in tabular format for storing data, easy to readable by humans
  • Each line of a CSV file is a record, contains multiple columns separated by a delimiter
  • A Delimiter is a comma (,) by default. You can use other delimiters tab(\t), pipe(|) and Semicolon(;)

Advantages of CSV file extension

  • Human Readable It contains plain text separated by frequently used charactetrs. easly read by humans.

    these file has simple structure , easily parsed by language code.

  • It is human-readable for simple data storage with comma format

Independent & portable

Files are supported by all popular languages - GO, Java, Python, JavaScript, etc. YOu can use

  • Easy to create and save
  • Support large data sets
  • Standard format to read faster compared with other files.
  • Maintainable
  • Read and write capabilities
  • the content of these files looks like an Excel sheet

CSV file Disadvantages

  • No support for binary data, and special characters
  • Comments are not supported natively
  • Only basic types of string are supported, No support for complex datastructure like array or objects.
  • It is very difficult to differentiate between Text and numbers
  • It only contains about header, but not have a metadata support for more about data

CSV file use cases

  • CSV can be used in any type of project for data storage
  • Data import and export between different components, frameworks, and software

CSV file extension

Create a text file with the extension .csv, You can use any IDE or text editor to open this file.

CSV File extension rules

  • CSV files extension is .csv by default
  • file supports UTF-8 encoding format only
  • Supports white spaces, tabs, and newlines ASCII code

CSV MIME format type - text/CSV

MIME is abbreviated as Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions which is a format specified in request and response that is transferred between client and server across the internet. Content-Type and Accept headers in a request object are specified with this format following is the mime type for these documents.

  • text/CSV

and request contains the below value for CSV data sending over the internet

  • Content-type: text/CSV

How do you open CSV files

All the popular IDEs support the CSV file extension and provide plugins to validate this file content.

  • Notepad++
  • Eclipse
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Excel
  • Notepad

What does CSV mean?

CSV is a text file that contains values separated by a comma.