CSV contains comma-separated values with line breaks for each row.

CSV has no support for comments officially as RFC 4180 .

However, Applications allow reading comments.

You can write comments beginning with # followed by comments text.

Applications use the custom logic or library to skip comment lines and read the CSV comments.

For example, python provides comments in CSV files for reading and writing.

How do I comment in a CSV file?

CSV file contains rows where each row contains keys separated by a comma. You can also create a new row with each line starting with # by comment text.

Applications write logic to skip the comments with code.

CSV comments in Python

Python applications provide read CSV files and skip comments.

We can add the comments

  • Begin with the new line
  • Inline comments

Here is a CSV example python

# ============================================================
# Comments example
# ============================================================

2,def,3000 # comments example