TestCafe is an Open source Nodejs Testing framework used for automate End to End(E2E) testing of applications.

It is similar to the Selenium testing framework. You can write tests and executes automation test cases on all browsers

Is TestCafe easy to learn?

It is easy to learn because it is based on JavaScript and typescript


The following are features for selecting the test case automation tool

  • It is based on Free and Open source The testing framework is based on NodeJS and is free to use. It is developed by DevExpress company, It also paid version TestCafe Studio record.
  • No dependency on drivers or WebDriver.

Selenium is a popular automation framework and heavily depends on drivers. TestCafe is independent and free from any drivers, and it runs with proxy on any browser and device.

  • JavaScript based
  • Ease of use
  • Easy to set up
  • Supported all major Browser that has HTML5 without additional plugin
  • Headless browser
  • Supports all Operating Systems
  • Executes test cases parallel on multiple browsers and devices

What is TestCafe used for?

Testcafe is a JavaScript and NodeJS-based framework for end-to-end testing of web applications. It runs test cases on headless browsers on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Easy to install and used by developers and Testers to write test cases quickly. You can also write test cases in Typescript with type-checking and safety features.

Testcafe disadvantages

  • Supports only JavaScript and typescript, Does not support other languages
  • Only Supports CSS Selectors, does not support XPath
  • It has its assertion library to assert test cases, It is very difficult to use other assertion libraries with it