E2E testing is a Software Testing methodology used by QA and Tester in Software Development to testing the Begin to end testing of an applications

E2E testing is one of the testing methodologies used in Software Developed by QA. Other Methodologies

Unit Testing Integration Testing API Testing Load and Stress Testing Regression Testing

It is a block box testing with testing applications from an end-user point of view. It covers real scenarios.

What is end-to-end testing in agile?

End to End testing is a testing methodology to test the start and end flow of an entire application. It tests URLS with a collective User interface, Backend API services, and other applications integrated into it.

It is the reverse of testing individual functionalities and services.

Is Selenium an e2e?

Yes, Selenium is one of the tools of the e2e testing framework. It tests the applications from beginning to end on chrome browsers

How to write e2e test cases?

Following are steps to write e2e test cases

  • Test cases are defined for different features or services
  • Execute the tests cases manually or automate with the CI process
  • Inspect test case results, and fix failed test cases
  • Re-execute the test cases for success

What are e2e test cases examples?

E2E is used to test and automate the process from the beginning to the end of an application.

Example test cases are

  • Login to the website
  • Registration or signup
  • Checkout cart
  • Payment flow in E-commerce website
  • Displaying productions with search queries

What are the types of E2e Tests

E2E tests are of two types

  • manual tests
  • Automated E2E tests

automation testing tools

The following are tools to do e2e testing in Nodejs Framework.

  • Cypress
  • TestCafe
  • Selenium