Textpad provides syntax highlights by default for Java and other languages. To support new languages syntax highlighting, You have to add a Document class.

How to add Syntax Highlight for language

This tutorial explains how to add Syntax highlights for Go Language.

  • First, add the Documentation Class
  • Go to Configure, Select New Documentation Class
  • It opens Document Class Wizard
    • Enter Documentation Class Name: Golang
    • Next, Step is Class Members: *.go

Textpad Syntax Highlight

  • Click Next Button,
    • Check Enable Syntax Highlighting
    • Syntax Definition file: go.syn

Textpad Syntax Highlight enable

  • Click Finish to complete the steps

  • Now, Go to Configure, Select Preferences

  • Select Documentation Classes, Golang option shows all the syntax highlight settings,

  • You can change and modify it

  • Click the apply button to save it.

Textpad Syntax Highlight settings