What is Terraform?

Terraform is an Infrastructure as a code tool, written in Go Language. It is open-source software that manages infrastructure with code.

It uses HashiCorp Configuration Language(HCL) to manage infrastructure resource

It used to create and manage network resources Storage Virtual machines


  • Support multiple cloud providers
  • Enhance functionality with plugin-based architecture
  • Supports version by integration of Remote version repositories

Terraform supported Cloud platform

It is used to provision the resources on the cloud and below are platforms that are supported

  • Amazon Aws
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure Cloud
  • VCloud
  • OpenStack

What is a Terraform used for?

Terraform is an open-source infrastructure as a code.

used to create and manage network resources, Storage,Virtual machines Deploy and manage applications on different cloud providers

Is Terraform a DevOps tool?

Yes, Terraform is a DevOps tool used by the developer and ops team to manage cloud resources, applications, services

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