What is Terraform?

Terraform is an Infrastructure as a code tool, written in Go Language. It is open-source software to provision and manages any infrastructure, code, and services.

It uses HashiCorp Configuration Language(HCL) to manage infrastructure resource

It used to create and manage different resources network resources Storage Virtual machines


  • Support multiple cloud providers
  • Enhance functionality with plugin-based architecture
  • Supports version by integration of Remote version repositories

Terraform supported Cloud platform

It is used to provision the resources on the cloud and below are platforms that are supported

  • Amazon Aws
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure Cloud
  • VCloud
  • OpenStack

What is a Terraform used for?

Terraform is an open-source infrastructure as a code.

used to create and manage network resources, Storage, Virtual machines Deploy and manage applications on different cloud providers

Is Terraform a DevOps tool?

Yes, Terraform is a DevOps tool used by the developer and ops team to manage cloud resources, applications, services.

Terraform Tutorials for Beginners

  • Providers
  • Data
  • resources
  • variables
  • Output