This post is about how to bash commands and programming tutorials with examples.

This course covers bash and shell programming features such as variables, loops, conditional expressions, and operators.

Bash scripting tutorials


You should have a basic computer language and the following things are required.

  • Linux flavor operating system
  • Any programming language helpful

What is the difference between Bash and shell

Shell alias for Bourne Shell is a command-line interpreter for Unix and Linux OS.

Bash alias Bourne-Again SHell

What is bash scripting used for?

Bash scripting is used in multiple use cases.

  • Writing scripts to automate the programming
  • Sync tasks to copy the files
  • execute cron jobs to schedule

How do I write code in bash?

To write a code in a Bash script, Please follow the below steps.

  • In Terminal, create a file using \vi
  • The first line is added as `!/Bin/bash’ at the top of the file.
  • Next, You can add multiple shell code snippets a end
  • Save the shell file using the . Sh extension
  • Execute shell script using run the test. Sh command in terminal

Is bash coding language?

Bash is a programming language, That works in Unix/Linux kernel Operating Systems. Bash contains all the programming features to write a complete code.