This series of posts talks about Learning Astro JS with examples.

What is Astro JS

AstroJS is a popular open-source javascript framework for building and developing content-based Websites.

It supports the following types

  • Static Site Generators (SSG)
  • Server Side Rendering (SSR)

It helps developers to develop static sites rapidly and based on any language of their choice such as React, Typescript, VueJS, and SvelteKit frameworks.

Is Astro JS open source?

Astro JS is an open source framework for developing blogs, and documentation sites. It is based on the NodeJS framework with javascript and typescript applications.

Is Astro only for static sites?

Astro Supports Static site generators as well as Server-side rendering. It is popular for blogs and API documentation websites.

Is Astro full stack?

Astro JS is not fully static, but It builds and generates content-based pages such as blogs and documentation sites, and supports Server-side rendering. It only supports the frontend with SSG and SSR and does not support interacting with the backend database.

It only works with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Astro components Extension

All the components are written in Astro with .astro, It contains javascript and HTML valid code.

Astro components contain HTML and javascript or typed language such as Typescript.

Astro supported languages

Astro is not tied to one UI language, You can choose any framework such as React, Preact, Vue, and svelteKit and it is UI agonistic.

It means you can reuse components from other frameworks to build faster.

  • What is Astro JS good for?

Astro js is to build, develop, and deploy static sites and generates html files from different sources such as markdown json files.

Astro Advantages

  • Zero Javascript for static content pages
  • Supports Server Side rendering
  • Easy to learn and build pages
  • Not tied to a Single UI framework and reuse other framework UI components
  • Island Architecture based on partial Hydration for Interactive UI
  • Reusable Components
  • Bring your frameworks
  • Integration with build, language, CSS and assets tools

Astro Disadvantages

  • It does not suit for Multiple page Applications
  • Not suitable for complex dynamic applications