Powershell Comparision Operators

Comparision operators are used to compare the values of two operands. Default comparision done on case insensitive.

-eqEqualityCheck for equality of two operands
-neNegated EqualityCheck for not equal
-geGreater than equalCheck for greter than equal
-gtGreater thancheck for greater than
-ininCheck for an operand in list of values
-notinnegated inCheck for an operand not in list of values
-ltLess thanCheck for less than
-leLess than EqualCheck for less than equal
-likeLikeMatching with like of text
-notlikeNegated Likenot match with like
-matchMatchUsing regular expression match
-notmatchNegated Matchsing regular expression not match
-isnoNegated TypeChecke for not type
-isTypeCheck for type of an variable
-notcontainsContainsCheck for contains for exists or not
-containsNegated ContainsCheck for not contains an item

to use case sensitive search, prefix each operator with c

For example

Powershell Logical Operators

Logical OperatorDescription
-andLogical ANd
-orLogical OR
-notLogical Not
-xorLogical XOR