This tutorial explains how to set up and configure elastic search in MacOS.

Install and setup ElasticSearch on MacOS

There are multiple ways we can install elastic search on MACOS.

  • using homebrew

First, update the brew repository to the latest.

brew tap elastic/tap

Once the homebrew repository is updated, Run the below command to install

brew install elastic/tap/elasticsearch-full

Once installed, ElasticSearch is ready to start.

How to Start/stop/restart Elastic Search in Mac OS?

brew services command used to start/stop elastic search command start used to start the es service

brew services start elasticsearch-full
brew services stop elasticsearch-full
brew services restart elasticsearch-full

How to check If elastic Search services is running or not on Mac

The ps command used to find process information.

ps ax | grep elasticsearch

List out all processes.

Following command gives services status if Elastic search install as a service with the Brew command.

brew services list

Install and setup Kibana on MACOS

Run the below command, to install Kibana with the brew command.

brew install elastic/tap/kibana-full

Once installed, Run the following command to start the service.

To run kibana as a background service

brew services start elastic/tap/kibana-full

brew services start kibana-full

Run the below command to run without background service.


kibana service started the server with default port 5601

To stop the kibana service

brew services stop elastic/tap/kibana-full
brew services stop kibana-full

To restart the kibana service

brew services restart elastic/tap/kibana-full
brew services restart kibana-full

Once installation is complete, Kibana is started and ready to access it.