React Typescript Tutorials

React is an open-source javascript application framework based on component-based architecture. It was developed by Facebook.

React is a UI framework targeted for Web and React Native for mobile devices. This was led by Facebook with strong community support.

ReactJS uses JavaScript language for writing reusable components.

However, typescript is used in React to write a component for compile time type checking. Since typescript is a superset of javascript and compiled to javascript during compile time. You can get a lot of advantages such as type safety for writing reusable components.


  • MVVW framework
  • Open source
  • Reusable component approach
  • Strong community and updates every year
  • Suitable for all devices
  • All browsers support


To learn React Typescript or any version, must have basic knowledge of the following technologies

  • Basic JavaScript programming
  • Typescript
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Npm and NodeJS server side

React typescript file extension

React uses javascript with .jsx extension React Typescript uses the .tsx file extension for writing components.

.tsxcontains functions and code writting using typescript(.ts) syntax.

every line of typescript that contains in extension .ts works in .tsx files. The reverse way does not work.


Writing the typescript component in React requires strong tools to write code faster.

Visual code extensions

Linter tools