What is NuxtJS?

NuxtJS is a open source framework to build a full-stack application with features such as server-side rendering using VueJS framework.

NuxtJS is used to build HTTP web applications to run VueJS code on rendering on the server-side. NuxtJS helps to develop the following different types of applications.

  • Static sites: In this, HTML files are created at build time and copied this HTML files to CDN or Web server and accessible as static HTML files. - These techniques are used for blogging websites and content related sites where content changes are not frequent

  • incremental static regeneration (ISR) In this, All the static HTML pages are generated at build time, any new page that is created or updated is generated at runtime, not the build time. Incremental means any new pages that were created or updated or deleted. It does not generate all pages at runtime.

    These can be used in eCommerce sites as new products are added or existing products updated with price dailly.

  • Single Page Applications

The name itself tells that the entire application has a single HTML page that loads on the Client-side

It is a web application that loads the entire page initially, based on client request, It loads and updated the HTML body using javascript.

It is client Side Rendering.

  • Server Side Rendering(SSR) Normally, when a request sends from the client, the Client executes the javascript code and generates HTML, and renders it to the user on the Client Side. In the SSR technique, the Server works as the opposite of Single Page Applications When a request sends from client to server, the Server generates HTML and sends HTML code to the client, and displayed it to the user.

Initial load time with this approach is very slow

It is similar to NextJS using react.

NuxtJS advantages

  • Server-side rendering and Single Page Application development
  • Static Site Generator
  • Code splitting
  • SEO
  • Build optimizations
  • Progress app features such as offline, prerender
  • Supports pre-generate HTML in the server as well as in-browser at build/run time
  • It is faster in development and development loading is good
  • Image Optimization
  • Page Routing
  • Better User experience
  • Hot Reloading

NuxtJS disadvantages

  • It is overkill for simple applications
  • Build time is more
  • LImited plugins
  • State Management is not provided as part of the framework

What is Nuxtjs used for?

NuxtJS used for server side applications based on VuejS library. It provides required configurations to build production ready webapplication. It can be used for Server Side rendering, Singlepage application and Static files applications. Also used for Full stack framework.

What is difference between Vue and NUXT JS?

When should you use NuxtJS?

NuxtJS is used to build Server side rendering, Static file generation and Single page applications based on VueJS framework.

Is Nuxt easy to learn?

It is easy to learn NuxtJS framework. if you know one of the client side framework such as Vuejs , you can develop the nuxtjs applications in short time.

Is NuxtJS a framework?

NuxtJS is a opensource framework using VuejS to develop applications. It helps VueJS developers to quick and easy develop production ready applications. It is also called Meta framework for universal applications.

Is NUXT open source?

Nuxt is a Javascript Opensource server side framework

Is Nuxt faster than Vue?

NuxtJS is faster than vuejs and it provides features to render on serverside and helps loads the pages faster.