This tutorial explains How to install typescript installation.

Typescript is available as a node package, You can use npm, and yarn to install.

Typescript can be installed in multiple ways

  • Global Installation
  • Local Project installation

How to install typescript globally

The following are steps required to install typescript global installation

You can use the below command

npm install -g typescript

It installs the typescript and compiler into the global npm location and adds tsc command to environment variables

next, Check the Typescript compiler version

A:\>tsc  --version
Version 4.8.3

  • project installation

In node projects, Run the below command as devDependencies in a project

npm install typescript --save-dev

This adds the below entry in package.json

"devDependencies": {
        "typescript": "4.8.3",

and, installs a typescript compiler in the node_modules folder of a project

Hello World Typescript program

Once typescript is installed, the tsc command is available and ready to use

  • First, Open any text editor or VSCode

  • Create a hello.ts file and add the below code

console.log("Hello World Typescript first program");

save the file.

  • Open the terminal, run the below command
  tsc hello.ts

It generates hello.js in the current directory and contains the below code.

console.log("Hello World Typescript first program");