Python is high level programming language, contains

  • interpreted
  • Supports, Functional,Structural and Object Oriented
  • Support for interactive mode for testing,debugging language features


python language is popular opensource programming language


To learn Python programming, You need to have any basic programming experience.

There are currently two version of Python

  • Python 2
  • Python 2

Python file extension

Python code created in any text editor. The extension is py.

For example, If filename is, then this file contains python code to compile

Python Version History

Version 3.11Dec 2022
Version 3.10Oct 2022
Version 3.5Dec 2015
Version 3.0Dec 2008
Version 2.7July 2010
Version 2.6Oct 2008
Version 2.5Sep 2006
Version 2.0Jan 2000
Version 1.6Sep 2000
Version 1.5Dec 1997
Version 1.0Jan 1994

what is latest python version

As of Jan 2023, Current Version of python is 3.11. You can check here for more