This tutorial explains how to write the Hello World Simple program in the Lisp language.

Hello, World is the first program learned by Developers to learn Programming language.

Let’s see how to write a Hello World Sample program in Lisp.

Hello World Sample program in Lisp

There are multiple ways we can write the Hello World program Comments are written using at the start ; with append comment text.

One way is using write-line

write-line used to log the string into the console.

; Hello World Comment
(write-line "Hello World Welcome to W3schools.")

Another way using the format.

the format is a function used to format the text similarly to printf in golang

(format t "Hello, Welcome to")

The third way is to write a function defun

defuc is used to create a function The function is defined and printed hello world

Here is the function declaration

(defun hello ()
           (format t "Hello, Welcome to"))

You can call the hello function using the below code.