Kotlin is a modern programming language to design and develop multi-device and platform applications for desktops, mobiles, and Web

It is the static type and object-oriented programming language, that runs on JVM

It is based on Java programming language and is Strongly typed.

The Kotlin code is written to develop Android applications.

Kotlin Advantages

Since it is based on Java, Developer who knows Java develop apps quickly and productivity is improved.

  • Functional, Procedural, and OOPS language
  • Code is very difficult to write
  • Allows to develop apps quicker

Kotlin Disadvantages

  • A learning curve exists in learning the language
  • Compilation is very slow compared with other programming language

What is Kotlin language used for?

Kotlin is a modern language used for writing Android applications. It allows writing less code, and more features rich and easy to learn. Kotlin’s language is a preferred language for Google Android apps. Easy-to-learn language makes Android apps quicker development.

Is Kotlin functional or OOP?

Kotlin supports functional and OOP paradigms. It supports functional programming with high-order functions, Lambda expressions, Function types, and variables.

Also, Supports, Classes, interface, and abstract for Object-oriented programming