Dart is an open-source programming language development of web and mobile applications.

It was developed by Google.

With Dart, you can develop web, mobile,and desktop applications

Dart syntax is similar to C, javascript, and Java languages.

It is an object-oriented language with

Dart file extension:

Dart syntax is coded in files with the extension .dart

Pros and advantages of Dart

  • Learning easy for Java and javascript developers
  • Documentation and community support are good
  • Performance is best compared with other programming languages such as javascript and Java

Calling C functions:

  • Provides ways to call Native C functions directly using Dart foreign interface,

Cons and disadvantages of Dart language

  • It is a very new language entering into the market, So applications and opportunities are fewer compared with Java and javascript
  • Some of the features or libraries are rapidly changing

Dart features

  • Open source from Google.
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Typed Language
  • Development to different devices & Platforms
  • Hot Reload
  • Extend features using package management tool