ES2021 - Getting started

This tutorial covers latest new JavaScript features will release in 2021. ES12 or ES2021 or EcmaScript2021 features ..

EcmaScript 2021 tutorials

EcmaScript2021(ES12) is latest JavaScript version going to release in mid of 2021 year.

Es12 is latest JavaScript language, EcmaScript 2020 released in 2020 year. ES12. TC39 is the approving committee, to add features to JavaScript. Prerequisite

Basic JavaScript is required.

Latest ES12 or ECMAScript2021 Features in javascript

The following are the list of latest javascript features in 2020.

String.prototype.replaceAll()replace matching occurrence from a given string
WeakRefsImports modules at runtime or conditional expression
Logical Assignment OperatorsLogical Assignment Operators
Numeric Separators(/javascript/es12-numeric-separator) Numeric Separators
Promise.anypromise any method

As you can check all the proposals and their release date in (finished proposals)[]