Feather is a beautiful open-source icon library for the web and mobile applications. It provides SVG to integrate into the design and development of apps. It is easy to customize the size, color, and animations. Furthermore, it provides an icon asset kit to use in web and desktops applications.

Feather icon Installation

This provides many ways to integrate into your applications.

  • CDN
  • npm library
  • download

with CDN,

You can use one of the links from below in your legacy HTML pages or JavaScript web applications.

<script src="https://unpkg.com/feather-icons"></script>
<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/feather-icons/dist/feather.min.js"></script>

feather-icons npm library:

You can integrate it into any JavaScript application using npm install command feather-icons is an npm library.

npm install feather-icons --save

Download feather js file into your application:

This approach is downloaded from CDN and copies to your application assets or javascript or any name you want.

Please refer to that path of the feather javascript file path in your application.

Once feather javascript is configured, You can use the icon in your application.

Like a font awesome icons, you can use i tag to include an icon

    <i data-feather="archive">Delete</i>

You can add an icon name to the data-feather attribute