Editors are useful to create and modify the files and It also supports for providing following features for TOML files

  • Syntax validation and color
  • Auto indentation
  • format
  • Syntax highlight colors

There are two types of editors with opensource plugins for popular editors

TOML IDE editor

There are popular editors supports toml configurations with plugins

  • Intelli IDE: It is an popular editor with extended functionality using plugins. Toml plugin provides to work with toml config files.

  • VIM Editor: vim-toml plugin provides open and create config files with play2 framework

  • eclipse : as there are not much plugins for eclipse, but one can use Eclipse Corrosion plugin to open and edit cargo toml files in eclipse

  • atom editor: It has support in built as a language with basic syntax highlighting using language-toml package

  • Notepad: you can still edit and create a files with notepad but you will not get color, auto indentation and validation errors with format.

  • Notepad++: This toml plugin provides syntax coloring.

  • Sublime Text Editor: this plugin support toml and tml configuration syntax

Online editor TOML

There is much online editor in web to validate and edit the TOML files