What is a Tailwind CSS Framework?

Tailwind is a Utility css framework for quickly creating user interfaces

Tailwind is modern opensource framework for developing web applications using CSS only, Javascript is not required. It is developed based on flexbox

Tailwind framework is easy to use and strong documentation provided.


You need to know basic HTML and CSS languages

Features and advantages

  • Easy to use and simple to learn
  • Opensource and support major browsers
  • Mobile first design
  • Flexbox integrated grid system
  • Responsive design
  • Modular - use required features only
  • NPM integration
  • It supports modular design
  • SASS and SCSS support
  • Customization is very easy
  • Javascript is not required, Everything is coded in CSS


  • performance and compatible issues in IE11
  • It is new entrant and not large community compared with other frameworks
  • framework is in development, final version is in processing

Components list and examples

|Feature | Description| |:— |: — | |Grid basics| provides variables to store and use in multiple places| |Tables| Data types allows to specify the allowed values for a variables| |Typograhy| Allows to reuse the styles| |Buttons| provides asthmatic operators|